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small image, front cover, Leathermen Paper Dudes

8.5 x 11 in., 36 pages
NEW! Leathermen Paper Dudes

Thom Magister’s first adult paper doll book offers four hot paper dudes who enjoy wearing leather, denim, uniforms, and fetish gear. Each dude has seven different outfits, including cop, cowboy, and military styles, plus bondage accessories and more to convey a particular look. That adds up to almost 50 different fantasies you can explore with their help!

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small image, front cover, Biker Bar

8.5 x 11 in., 52 pages
NEW! BIKER BAR Bikes Beer & Boys: a playful look at the roots of the leather bar

Author/artist Thom Magister, who got into the gay leather scene in 1951 and remained an active leatherman well into the new century, shares his memories of how the post-WWII biker bar morphed into the modern leather bar, profusely illustrated with full-color photos of 12-inch action figures outfitted as bar patrons. Thom was only 19 when he joined his first group of bikers, back in 1951 in Los Angeles. Most of the guys were ex-GIs, and the bars they hung out in were grungy watering holes for thirsty men on bikes, no questions asked. When Thom moved back to New York a couple of years later, he found dozens of biker bars around Manhattan. As in L.A., these were for men only, and it was impossible to tell at a glance if a given bar was gay or straight. In the 1950s bikers mostly wore denim mixed with Army fatigues and brown leather bomber jackets. The now-standard black leather motorcycle jacket was a luxury. Times changed, and by 1980 the traditional biker bar had morphed into the modern gay leather bar with only an occasional motorcycle parked outside. And the patrons’ favored style had changed from the old casual, scruffy mix to gleaming, polished cap-to-toe leather. The biker bar had been a refuge for loners and outcasts, but the leather bar became a venue for parties, event nights, and contests. What had once been hidden was now proudly proclaimed. Today, in the 2010s, the classic leather look is giving way to newer styles, and in many cities the leather bar, too, is fading away. We’ll no doubt create new ways for kinky guys to hang out together. And for the biker, there is always the open road.

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small image, front cover, The Slave Journals

5.5x8.5 in., 332 pages
The Slave Journals and Other Tales of the Old Guard

Thom Magister’s memoir of being trained as a leather Master in the 1950s, “One Among Many,” was published in Mark Thompson’s groundbreaking 1991 Leatherfolk anthology. Ever since then it has been widely cited as one of the few firsthand accounts we have about the fabled “Old Guard,” though the men at the time never thought of themselves in those terms. Now, based on his decades of experience, Magister offers a novella, “The Slave Journals,” that depicts an ideal community of Masters and slaves, and 17 erotic stories written from the perspectives of different Old Guard Masters from the 1950s to 1980. He has fictionalized his adventures and those of his friends and partners, but the genuine Old Guard values of responsibility, humility, respect, and gratitude are evident throughout. Few other writers can handle this material with Magister’s authority, and the results are not only historically illuminating but erotically powerful. His unforgettable Masters and slaves will make you think as well as get you off. If your idea of Old Guard practices is largely gleaned from the Internet, these stories will surprise you.

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Winner of the National Leather Association – International
2010 Geoff Mains Non-fiction Book Award
small image, front cover, Ask the Man Who Owns Him

7x10 in., 235 pages
Ask the Man Who Owns Him The real lives of gay Masters and slaves

Ask the Man Who Owns Him is the first book to present, in their own words, the real lives of long-term gay Master/slave couples and families. Sixteen slaveowners and their properties around the U.S. and in Canada welcomed the authors into their homes and spoke candidly about how each relationship started, how it evolved to meet the challenges of living in conventional society, and how it works today. All of these bonds have lasted for at least three years, some for well over a dozen years.

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small image, front cover, Winner Takes All

5.5x8.5 in., 292 pages
Winner Takes All and more hot Master/slave Fantasies by

The title novella, “Winner Takes All”, is accompanied by 16 short stories by the prolific erotica writer Christopher Pierce (see his website). According to advance readers, “Masters and slaves pop off the pages like heroic figures from the leather underworld” (Jay Starre) in “these lip-smackingly kinky tales” (Jeff Mann) full of “beautiful language, touching characterization, poignant plotting, and a full-bodied eroticism” (M. Christian).

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small image, front cover, Boots, Bondage, and Beatings

6x9 in., 192 pages
Boots, Bondage, and Beatings Leathersex stories

Masters and slaves, tops and bottoms revel in boot worship, inventive erotic bondage, and dick-stiffening beatings with fists, belt, or whip. As heavy as the action gets in these stories, it never lacks emotional depth. david stein's first collection of short fiction features the same combination of realism, fetishistic detail, and romanticism that made his novel, Carried Away (Daedalus, 2002), so memorable. In fact, the stories include a sexy “outtake” from the novel as well as a new epilogue that fans of Carried Away won’t want to miss.

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small image, front cover, Carried Away

6x9 in., 583 pages
(Daedalus Publishing, 2002)

The original edition of the novel is now out of print. A revised, second edition is in the works, along with authorized ebook versions, and will be announced here when it is available.

Carried Away An s/m romance by

Scorching hot leathersex is only the start when a jaded bottomboy and a one-time Master come together for some no-strings bondage and s/m. But after lust is sated, each finds a deeper hunger within that moves them unexpectedly toward partnership as Owner and owned. Set in the early 1990s in New York City, Carried Away is not only replete with hard-core bondage and ferocious leathersex: it’s a love story between two men who are equals in intelligence and character, but opposites in temperament. Terry Andrews is a successful architect and all-around topman with a passion for bondage and the means to indulge it. Matt Stone manages a large bookstore, but he lives for the times when he can surrender control. When these two come together at the Spike, the legendary leather bar, neither is looking for a new partner, just a night of hot action. They get that, and much more: almost in spite of themselves, they forge a deeper connection. Matt gradually realizes that he needs to belong to someone, not simply let himself be played with and released. For his part, Terry simply needs to own what he loves, and once he falls for Matt, enslaving him is the only option!

“Goodnight, Mr. Benson — it’s time to give the ’70s a rest. Besides some of the most sizzling, astoundingly detailed bondage and s/m scenes ever written, Carried Away gives us believable, complex characters struggling with jobs and responsibilities, genuine loss, and frightening realities that have nothing to do with make-believe. The author’s passion for his subject weaves throughout the text like ropes in the hands of a Japanese-bondage expert. An instantly engaging tour de force. Highly recommended!”
Laura Antoniou, author of The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer, The Academy, and The Reunion

Carried Away may not be the great American novel, but for those who can see voluntary slavery as a laudable way of life and courtship by a Master as romantic, david stein has performed a great feat of literature. By showing what is actually possible, he does for our sometimes ploddingly realistic times what John Preston did for an earlier and more fanciful time. The truth of the lives Carried Away examines will never be forgotten by any serious reader.”
Joseph W. Bean, author of Leathersex and Leathersex Q&A, editor of Horsemen: Leathersex Short Fiction, founding director of the Leather Archives & Museum