Table of Contents for Ask the Man Who Owns Him

Front Matter
Foreword by Joseph W. Bean9
Introduction by David Schachter11
Introduction by david stein17
The Profiles
Master Jeff and slave sparky, San Francisco; 15 years together24
Master Frank and slave mr_h, Los Angeles; 4 years together32
Master David Merrill and slave Dave, Washington, DC; 8 years together42
Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick Levine, Los Angeles; 10 years together54
Master Mark and slave Eric, Boston; 16 years together68
Master John and slave mike, near Washington, DC; 8 years together78
Master Marcel Pedneault and slave Kevin, near Ottawa, Canada; 8 years together92
Master Dan Coffman and slaves jeff bancroft and joe zabka, upstate New York; 9 years together104
Master Rick and slave brass, Kissimmee, FL; 9 years together120
Master Z, slave tony, and family, Dallas; Z and tony, 8 years together132
Master Dave and slave bobby, Chicago; 6 years together156
Master Matt and pup slave wade, South Florida; 15 years together136
Master Mick and slave link, San Francisco; 13 years together172
SlaveMaster, no. 7, and slave nick, Las Vegas area; 3 and 5 years together182
Master Paul and slave gerry, Seattle area; 16 years together198
Daddy Ken Thomas and slave tim pursell, San Francisco; 3 years together212
Heart of Master / Heart of slave228
Models for slavery229
slave Safety232
Further Reading239


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