Contents for Our Lives, Our History

Foreward by Raven Kaldera — “Making History”
Introduction by Peter Tupper — “The First Word on the Subject”

Hints of Consensuality in Historical Slavery
TammyJo Eckhart — “The Basic Realities of Greco-Roman Slavery”
slave randy — “Slavery in the Hebrew Bible”
Sebastian B. — “Medieval Authoritarian Relationships”

Reimagining Slavery: the 17th Through 20th Centuries
Peter Tupper — “The Peculiar Institution: Slavery and eros before the 20th century”
slave david stein — “From S&M to M/s: How consensual slavery became visible in the gay leather community, 1950 to 1999”

Organizing the Master/slave Community
Joseph W. Bean — “Leather Lifestyle Interview with Fred and Michel”
Sir Brian F. — “The Early Years of Masters And slaves Together (MAsT)”
slave david stein — “MAsT ’99: Four days that shook our world”
Master Jim and slave marsha — “The Evolution of the International Master/slave Contest”
slave david stein — “MAsT from 2000 to 2016”
slave kirk thomas — “A Basic History of Butchmanns”
Master Bert Cutler and his slave nadine — “Butchmanns Experience 1997-2015: A personal history”
Master Taíno — “MTTA: M/s into the 21st century”
Andrea Zanin — “Hitting the Books: M/s training and education manuals”

Multicultural M/s
Sir Guy Sanders — “Master/slave Relationships Among African-Americans”
Ms. Brenda and slave arcane — “Chasing the Fantasy: Female Masters and male slaves”
Raven Kaldera — “This Narrow, Thorny Road: A brief history of spirituality in modern Master/slave relationships”
Laura Antoniou — “To Serve in Close Attendance to Nobility: Samurai tradition in a Master/slave context”

“A Master/slave Timeline”
“About the Contributors”


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