Table of Contents forThe Slave Journals and Other Tales of the Old Guard

Introduction by Thom Magister: The Journey19
The Slave Journals27
Tales of Old Guard Masters
Master Terry (Long Island, Summer 1948)129
Master Lucky (New York, Summer 1951)144
Master Brad (New York, Summer 1953)155
Master Frank (New York, Spring 1954)165
Master Wes (New York, Winter 1959)185
Master Randy (New York, Winter 1959)194
Master Sam (New York, Spring 1960)200
Master Loner (New York, Summer 1960)211
Master Luke (New York, Autumn 1961)223
Master Eric (San Francisco, Winter 1971)235
Master Ben (New York, Summer 1972)245
Master Bulldog (New York, Winter 1974)256
Master Colin (Los Angeles, Summer 1974)266
Master Nick (The Bahamas, Winter 1975)279
Master Jason (New York, Winter 1979)291
Master Butch (New York, Winter 1979)307
Master Tom (New York, Summer 1980)316
About the Author325


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