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Winner Takes All and more hot Master/slave fantasies by

The powerful title novella and 16 more Master/slave stories cover the gamut, with something for every style and taste. Whether you’re a Master or a slave, or just turned on by their kind of action, this book will provide many hours of pleasure!

“In this thrilling collection, Christopher Pierce offers a look into a dark and sometimes mysterious world. Masters and slaves pop off the pages like heroic figures from the leather underworld. It is all or nothing if you want to join the ranks of these men who face fear and revel in it. The author transforms good, hot gay sex into something sublime. Pain and pleasure at the hands of a Master are but opposite sides of a coin the slave learns to treasure. You’ll believe every word as beefy Masters demand and dominate while hunky, sweet-faced slaveboys gasp and beg. Open Winner Takes All and enjoy, if you dare.”
Jay Starre, author of The Erotic Tales of the Knights Templar and The Lusty Adventures of the Knossos Prince

“It’s a real pleasure to have so many of Christopher Pierce’s Master/slave stories collected in one volume. These lip-smackingly kinky tales, incorporating many a fetish, range through the contemporary urban landscape, plus a couple of historical and speculative settings. Anyone turned on by man-on-man sex, BDSM, and power-exchange relationships will find Winner Takes All a true feast.”
Jeff Mann, author of A History of Barbed Wire, Edge, and Binding the God

“Writing about power exchange is one thing — believe me, I know — but to do it the way Chris Pierce does it is a rare, beautiful, magnificent thing. In these pages there is lots of sex between Masters with firm hands and slaves with firm other parts, but there is also more — a ‘more’ that brings these stories up to a whole new level of beautiful language, touching characterization, poignant plotting, and a full-bodied eroticism that will bring a heart-beating roar of desire to even the most jaded porn addict.”
M. Christian, editor of the Best S/M Erotica series and co-editor of Bad Boys, Rough Stuff, and Roughed Up; author of Me2, The Very Bloody Marys, and FingerŐs Breath; from his Foreword to Winner Takes All

  • Foreword by M. Christian
  • Editor’s Note by David Stein
  • Table of Contents
  • Sample Chapter: “Hard Day’s Reward”

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