Christopher Pierce

Christopher Pierce has been active in the gay leather – Master/slave – BDSM community since 1992. He met the man who would become his Master in 1994 and has been in a relationship of discipline and respect with him ever since. Like the narrators of some of his stories, Christopher is a devoted slave who also enjoys topping when he gets the chance.

Besides serving his Master, Christopher’s favorite thing is movies, especially classic animation, and for several years he worked in a Hollywood studio. “People think it’s incongruous,” he said in an interview, “that I’m a leatherman and yet so into animation. The connection for me is that in animation, everything is exaggerated. It’s a more passionate way to live. I found the same thing in the leather scene. . . . [With my Master,] I’m living the kind of life that I imagined, the life that I hoped for, that I played at with other people. Now the life has become real.”

Christopher’s first erotic story, “Headlights,” was published by the groundbreaking and fondly remembered magazine Cuir in 1993. Since then his stories have appeared in numerous gay magazines, including International Leatherman, Bound & Gagged, Honcho, and Mandate. They’ve also been selected for anthologies, including Simon Sheppard’s Leathermen and the 2005 through 2008 issues of Alyson’s annual Ultimate Gay Erotica, edited by Jesse Grant.

He is the author of two novels in a planned four-book sequence from STARbooks Press, Rogue:Slave and Rogue:Hunted, and besides Winner Takes All, his short stories have been collected in Kidnapped by a Sex Maniac: The Erotic Fiction of Christopher Pierce (also STARbooks).

He has edited six anthologies: I Like to Watch and Biker Boys for Cleis Press, and Men on the Edge, Taken by Force, SexTime, and Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight for STARbooks. With Rachel Kramer Bussel he co-edited the three volumes in Alyson Books’ Fetish Chest trilogy: Ultimate Undies, Sexiest Soles, and Secret Slaves.

Christopher loves hearing from readers. You can e-mail him, or visit his world online for news, shopping, custom stories, and more.